Resilience Training
for a Stressful World

Make change automatic with hypnosis
and neuro-linguistic programming.

Busy? Stressed? Who isn’t?

The world is a crazy place. Things are changing faster than we can keep up. Many people don’t even read the news anymore because we can’t handle it. Between global politics, the climate crisis, dealing with work, and just getting the kids to school on time, every day can feel like a struggle.

The stress response also known as “fight or flight” is 100,000 year old technology running in our nervous systems. It was built for sprinting from or punching saber-toothed tigers in the face. It beats our hearts faster and pumps stress hormones into our blood. It kept us alive from mortal threats.

But we still get the same ancient stress response when we are late to work or giving a talk in front of a group of strangers. Punching other drivers or sprinting out of the meeting won’t help. And when the stress response gets stuck in the “on” position, it can cause health problems too.

So we need ways to hack our nervous system, to turn off the stress response when it’s not useful. Problem is, the stress response is automatic. It’s not in our voluntary, conscious control.

Hack Your Stress Response
with Hypnosis

Luckily, there are effective methods for changing automatic responses. Hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and related tools were designed to make changes at the unconscious, pre-verbal level. We can influence the automatic processes of the body and mind by utilizing what is in our conscious control.

After years of searching for methods that would help me with my own stress, I finally discovered things that actually worked. I learned you can actually reprogram automatic responses so that they automatically change. I’m excited to share these tools with you too. Most people don’t even know they exist!

I offer two main things: free tools and online hypnosis. Both can help you to increase your resilience to stress or even become “The Eye of the Storm,” completely calm inside despite chaos out there.

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