Hi, I’m Duff.

I specialize in helping people like you go from stressed and anxious to calm and courageous.

I’m a Certified Professional Hypnotist through ICBCH, and a certified Hypnotic Coach and HNLP Master Practitioner through “The Intelligent Hypnotist.”

I use a variety of methods from hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and more to make change automatic.

You see, the stress response is caused by the autonomic nervous system. “Auto-” as in automatic.

That means we can’t control stress consciously. But we can influence and even re-program it by utilizing things that are in our conscious control.

And when the change happens, it’s just as automatic as the stress response was before.

All I do is teach people how to become more resilient. I offer free tools and online hypnosis.

The best way to get started is with my Free Resilience 101 Course:

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My Background

I’ve been helping people make change automatic since 2003 when I first became a coach.

Most of my skills were acquired initially through self-study and informal mentorship. I had many of my own problems including debilitating anxiety so I desperately sought solutions.

I was about as resilient as an eggshell. But eventually after years of obsessively reading hundreds of books on personal development and spirituality, listening to many audio programs, walking across fire and joining and escaping two cults, I stumbled upon some methods that actually worked.

In 2008 I began working for two of the greatest trainers in the world in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Steve and Connirae Andreas. In addition to doing online hypnosis, I continue to work for Connirae after Steve passed in 2018.


My initial NLP training was through NLP Comprehensive, the company Connirae and Steve founded many years before. My approach to change work is deeply influenced by the wisdom, technical skill, and kindness of the Andreases.

Since then I’ve attended many trainings such as Core Transformation, Coming to Wholeness, Metaphors of Movement, The Advanced Mastery Training, taken many online trainings, and sat in on dozens of conference presentations with the best trainers in the world.

I’ve also taught at some of the top hypnosis conferences such as HypnoThoughts Live, American Clinical Hypnotist Examiners, and the ICBCH Winter Hypnosis Conference, to rave reviews. In 2020, I developed and taught my own training called “The Eye of the Storm: 2-Day Resilience Training” in Stockholm, Sweden to the Swedish NLP Society.

Years ago I taught Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and an NLP Practitioner Training at the Denver School of Hypnotherapy, where some students said I was their best teacher. That was my first time ever teaching NLP — I’m a lot better now. I’ve also taught with the iNLP Center.

Here’s a complete list of my credentials.

One NLP trainer called me a “rising star in NLP,” but I’d rather be grounded and down to Earth. As with all humans, I still have much to learn.

Personal Experiences

Before becoming a hypnotist, I was involved in two cults. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Now I regularly speak out against toxic groups and the leaders of such groups that cause emotional, financial, spiritual, and sexual abuse. That doesn’t win friends and influence people, but it’s the right thing to do.

In college I studied philosophy, ethics, and cognitive science at Lawrence University, known as “The Ivy League of the Midwest.” I consider hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to be applied cognitive science.

In college I received an award for the top senior philosophy student. My professor said I was picked because I questioned B.S.

Because of my philosophy background and being a naturally skeptical person, I don’t do “past-life regression” or other woo hypnosis. But as a pragmatist, I also don’t confine myself to methods that have already been proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled peer-reviewed studies.

I think we can do low-risk experiments and discover things that work even better. And people are so unique that often what works for one won’t work for someone else, so it helps to be flexible.

In my 20s I also did a number of 10-Day Vipassana meditation courses and a whole lot of “Friday Night Dance Therapy.” These got me deeply in touch with my bodily sensations, as did taking up strength training and yoga (neither of which I’m any good at).

Through meditation and dance I experienced both deeply relaxing and incredibly ecstatic trance states.

Later over several years time I did hundreds of self-guided sessions of Core Transformation, a profound and healing technique developed by Connirae Andreas.

Since then my baseline emotional experience has been a lasting sense of well-being. And now research has now been published on Core Transformation, confirming its effectiveness.

I’ve continued to refine and experiment to see what works so I can share with others the most effective ways to become resilient and centered, including creating some of my own methods such as my Rapid Centering Technique.

I’d like to make your journey towards resilience easier than mine was. The place to start is with my Free Resilience 101 Course:

Get Your Free Resilience 101 Course

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

Duff McDuffee,

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Duff McDuffee