Stop forcing and start enjoying.

Reach your goals the easy and fun way with "The Joy of Doing."
A weekly group coaching class for creative, neurodivergent folks.
Only $47/month. We meet Sundays at 11am Denver time for an hour.

A safe place to try new things and fail, playfully.

Overcome fear of failure by practicing clear honesty, self-compassion, and boundless wonder.

Every week we celebrate our small wins, and transform failure into feedback with forgiveness. Over time this re-wires your brain to no longer fear failure. You will become excited to experiment!

Achieve your goals without "discipline" or "willpower."

Let go of punishing yourself and see real progress with a deep mindset shift.

Transform "have to's" into "want to's."
Move from "I can't" to excited about the possibilities.
Take in the good to build on success.
Develop genuine kindness for yourself.
Make the difficult easy and enjoyable.
Feel supported by a positive community.

Learn the 8 Principles of Joyful Doing

These principles will allow you to design a life where you enjoy both the journey and the destination.

Principle 1: Increase Your Sense of Choice

The most stressful way to do things is to feel like you have to or must do it. When we live from "have to mode," we don't feel like we have a choice. This leads to feeling inner pressure or fear, and ultimately burns us out.

This is why the first step to enjoying the process is to increase your sense of choice. What if you felt like you don't have to do it, and you don't have to do it any particular way?

Then you could connect with why you want to do it, and explore easier and more enjoyable ways to get it done.

Experience ways of leaving "have to mode" and entering "don't have to mode," more and more in your life, while also doing the thing!
Results: feel less pressure, anxiety, and stress, and more freedom, lightness, and joy.

Principle 2: See the Possibilities

We are more limited by our map of reality than reality itself. When we delete the possibilities from our map, we can't see the way forward. As a result, we feel shut down, hopeless, or exhausted. We only see ways that things "can't" happen. We get into "can't mode."

When we can open to possibilities, we instead become excited to experiment. Even when we don't know the answer, we can see that there absolutely are things we can try now. And if we try enough things, success is inevitable! We can do it!

Experience ways to get unstuck, interrupt your patterns, and shift into modes of pure possibility.
Results: feel more empowered, excited, and optimistic, even in the face of obstacles, ambiguity, or setbacks.

Principle 3: Take in the Good

To survive in the African savanna, our ancestors developed a mind that has a "negativity bias," oriented towards noticing threats. As a result, we tend to over-focus on fears, mistakes, and flaws.

To reverse the negativity bias of the brain and enjoy the process of trying new things, we can practice taking in the good. We can celebrate our tiny victories — including just attempting something new that hasn't worked yet. And we can also focus on our strengths, increasing our self-esteem and motivation.

Taking in the good is the key to reversing low mood and achieving happiness in the here and now! It also develops inner resources we can utilize for healing and integration.

Experience feeling good about yourself, and feeling like you did enough.
Results: make faster progress, much more enjoyably, by building upon success!

Principle 4: Transform Failure into Feedback

Punishing ourselves for making mistakes feels terrible. This can be a source of self-hatred, anxiety, and shame. Not an easy and fun way to do things!

Instead, we can turn FAIL into AFLI, a 4-step process for responding resourcefully to failure:

1. Acknowledge the truth: What happened? Just the facts, no shame or blame.

2. Forgive yourself: It's OK, it happened. You're human. Take 10+ seconds to really feel kindness or compassion.

3. Learn something new: What can you take away? What did you learn?

4. Iterate and improve: What can you try ASAP that might work better?

When we transform failure into feedback with forgiveness, we start to no longer fear mistakes or negative feedback. Instead, we see it as a process of learning. And learning can feel highly enjoyable!

Experience increasing self-compassion and joy of learning.
Results: more willingness to "expand your comfort zone" and go for exciting new things!

Principle 5: Make the Difficult Easy

Many times we make things "hard work," as if doing things the needlessly hard way is a virtue. Instead of making the easy difficult, we can make the difficult easy. This means we get more progress, more easily.

Challenging ourselves can be enlivening and feel like an exciting adventure! The key is to match the challenge to just at the edge of our abilities or slightly beyond.

We can even find ways to get into ecstatic flow states. Flow is one of the most enjoyable of all human experiences, and there are ways to engineer experiencing such states more often.

Experience ways to make starting, focusing, and finishing easier and more enjoyable.
Results: find your flow more often, and enjoy challenging yourself!

Principle 6: Limit Work in Progress

When we put too much on our plates, we feel overwhelmed. We can do it all, just not all at once.

By doing less at one time, we find ourselves making more progress, more enjoyably. We can get more absorbed into what we are doing, and feel like what we are doing is enough.

We can learn to let go of needless activities and needless effort, improving our focus and our fulfillment.

Experience more absorbed focus, lightness, and a sense of what's truly important.
Results: less overwhelm, more spaciousness, and deeper meaning.

Principle 7: Seek Support

All too often, we forget that we are interconnected with everyone and everything else. We might think that we must do everything ourselves, or that no one would want to help us.

Often times there are ways to work together that make things 100x easier and more enjoyable. That can look like co-working, collaboration, outsourcing, or just remembering that other people support you!

For entrepreneurs and creatives, this can mean learning to give up control and trust other people to be on your team. Once you do however, the feeling is that of tremendous relief, because you don't have to do it all yourself!

Experience not having to do it alone, but feeling supported in doing your most important work, easily and enjoyably!
Results: less loneliness, more connection, and more success.

Principle 8: Go for Win-Win

When we imagine the world is a dog-eat-dog competition, we feel negative emotions like envy, jealousy, and even get mad when we see other people succeed.

Or we act like a martyr, allowing others to win as we self-sacrifice.

But if instead we see the world as a place where we can all win, where it is an "infinite game" that can benefit others, we experience sympathetic joy for other people's achievements, while also going for what we want.

When we go for win-win, we create better relationships and experience more happiness. We can truly make the world a better place for all.

Experience more meaning, deeper connections, and resolving conflicts at a deep level — whether with others or within yourself.
Results: relationships that get better over time, asking boldly for what you want (and getting it).

Our Experiences

Here's what people in The Joy of Doing group had to say:

"It would be hard to recognize the progress I’ve been making without this group. A lot of things have changed, but I wouldn’t have noticed them without these regular meetings."


"I always feel good after this group. In another group I’m a part of, it’s deep but I don’t necessarily feel good after."


"This group has helped me see my patterns really well. I’m writing about the same thing over again, so I’m more conscious now. I’m treating it as a science experiment and seeing possibility."

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"This has been an amazing year. I feel like even though I went through a lot of hard stuff, I am so extremely grateful to be alive. This group has really supported me in that positive mindset."

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You can learn to become productive without all the stress.

Even if you've failed at numerous productivity systems in the past, you can learn to become positively productive in a joyful way.

Goals: Pursue your goals in an enjoyable way by running "experiments" each week to see what might work.
Recordings: Each week we check in for 30 minutes in a specific way designed to make you feel good. Then I teach for 30 minutes. The teaching part is recorded so you can watch it even if you miss a class.
Support: Share three small wins with the group each week and have people cheer on your success!
Chat group: Between weekly sessions you can chat in our group on Discord, celebrating wins, setting Most Important Things for the day, or keeping track of your current experiments.
Results: Feel more inspired after every weekly session!

Money Back Guarantee

If after the first month you feel you have received no benefit from the group, just email me to cancel and I'll refund you the $47. (Note: This only applies to the first month of group membership, and not to Hypnotic Coaching sessions or subsequent months.)

Sundays at 11am Denver time for an hour on Zoom.



Or included in any 1-on-1 Hypnotic Coaching subscription!

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