Free Hypnosis Session:
Beta Test a New Method

In order to test a new hypnosis method, I am looking for volunteers who want to experience a free hypnosis session. I normally charge $125 for a 90-minute session, so this is a great opportunity for you. We will meet on Zoom with video and record the session. In exchange, I’ll use the recording for marketing, writing my book, and making a course.

Given my schedule, I’m only doing 3 per week, and will stop once I’ve hit 12 total. I only do freebies like this once every few years when I’m beta testing a new method. I’d prefer to work with people who have not yet experienced this technique in a paid session with me, as I want to get feedback from people who are new to it (if you came to my group class, you can also do this).

FULL! Thanks for your interest. If I have more need in the future, I’ll send out an email and post on Facebook.

Unconditional Happiness: Free Hypnosis Session

The Method

The idea is simple. We suffer needlessly when we are attached to things outside our control going how we want.

Sometimes we want something, don’t get it, and are fine. We are happy despite conditions, therefore our happiness is unconditional. But other times we want something, don’t get it, and are miserable! In this case, we believe something false, that we must get what we want in order to be happy.

This false belief can be expressed as…

“I must get what I want…or else I’ll be unhappy!”

My method involves deconstructing this false belief experientially so you can see for yourself that it is not true.


To do this, we utilize pleasant fantasies to trick the brain into thinking you already have everything you want. I call this “beingness mode.” In beingness mode, you are already happy, satisfied, or at peace. There is nowhere you must go, nothing you must do.

We next amplify these good feelings until they are very strong. This creates an undeniable experience in the next step.

Then we use reason to determine that the belief is false. “I am already happy, but the world has not changed. Therefore happiness doesn’t depend on getting what I want.”

And finally we train to associate beingness mode with not getting what we want. This helps make the response automatic.

May all beings be happy and free from suffering,

~Duff McDuffee

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  • Published Nov 13, 2020
  • Last Updated on November 15, 2020