Last Updated on May 13, 2024

Your most important work

How often do you do some sort of “inner work”?

For me, it’s every single day.

In fact, I consider inner work to be the most important work I do.

Transformation Every Day

This morning I woke up with anxiety.

Lying in bed, as I noticed anxious thoughts coming online, I felt shaky and nauseous.

For 25 years, I had anxiety almost every single day.

So waking up anxious is not unfamiliar to me.

But I also transformed it.

I was 99% anxiety free for many years.

Have I “failed”? Backslid? Lost it?

I don’t think so, actually.

No, for me, this is a sign of growth!

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Many people are afraid to really go for what they want in life.

Me included.

Fear and anxiety have been coming up lately precisely because I’m taking steps in the direction of my dreams.

I’m close to publishing my book.

I’m creating new classes.

I’m dreaming bigger for what’s possible in my career.

And all that is scary as fuck!

But it’s also liberating years and years of stuck energy.

I’m coming more fully alive.

You are Making Progress

I see this in my neurodivergent, creative clients all the time.

We think we are “backsliding” when we are actually making progress!

Because when we take action towards our dreams, we encounter obstacles.

Some of these obstacles are inner obstacles, like anxiety and fear and hopelessness.

Some are external obstacles, like learning new skills, or working to gain visibility for our thing.

It’s as if we believe “I’m only making progress if I never encounter any obstacles.”

But it’s the exact opposite!

If we’re encountering obstacles, that means we’re making progress.

Because we’re actually doing something!

So it’s not about never feeling bad, or never failing.

It’s about enjoying the process of taking on new challenges.

Successfully overcoming an obstacle feels amazing!

You Can Interrupt the Pattern

When we’re stuck in a stressed state, we also see the world through a certain “reality tunnel.”

This morning when I was anxious, I really believed in things like “I have to do it all myself…and I can’t!”

10 minutes later after I’d done a pattern interrupt, I read over the same belief.

I could understand the words, but it felt neutral.

I no longer believed what I believed 10 minutes ago!

So I also felt safe and optimistic.

I may need to interrupt this pattern a dozen or more times before it’s truly transformed.

But luckily, this “inner work” is like play to me.

I’m already looking forward to the next time I wake up anxious! 😆

The amount of energy that’s freed up when I transform it feels ecstatic.

Have a great week,


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