Last Updated on April 1, 2024

You already know what’s right for you

Animals somehow survive purely on instinct.

Yet we humans tie ourselves in knots.

Trained to Ignore Our Instincts

It’s not that we don’t have instincts or inner wisdom.

We absolutely do.

We are trained out of listening to our inner wisdom.

Well-meaning parents, teachers, and other adults train us to ignore our gut feelings.

We force ourselves and others to do things we hate instead of following our hearts.

So by the time we reach adulthood, we no longer trust our intuition.

We no longer trust ourselves.

You Already Know

We say, “I just don’t know what to do.”

But so often, that’s bullshit.

If we’d stop for 60 seconds and pay attention, we’d know instantly.

We’d get a stirring in our heart, or a feeling in our belly, or an inner voice that tells us in no uncertain terms.

But we’ve learned to override that deep inner wisdom, in order to “get things done.”

What ends up happening is we do more of the wrong things faster!

Trust and Test

What if you were to trust that inner wisdom?

Not hand over the keys to the car entirely, but trust enough to test it out.

You can start with small decisions.

Pose a yes or no question to your “wise unconscious.”

And then just go with whatever comes back, even if it makes no sense.

Then afterwards, evaluate whether that was a good decision or not.

That way, you can both trust your intuition, and allow it to learn and improve.

This way of living is 1000 times more enjoyable than trying to “figure it all out” with your conscious mind.

It will also take you to amazing places you didn’t know you wanted to go.

Take care,

The Progress Paradigm in the wild:

Most media content is in The Punishment Paradigm, the idea that the best way to change is through fear and pain.

Here’s some content I found this week that embodies what I call The Progress Paradigm. Hopefully you’ll find it uplifting and inspiring!

1. “Every effort counts, every bit of progress matters.” Video, 0:52

2. “Everything in my life took a gigantic leap up, just by scheduling in play every day.” Video, 1:25.

3. “Say something nice to yourself. See if you can’t build a little momentum.” Video, 0:19