Last Updated on March 11, 2024

Wonder full questions

Sometimes in life we don’t know what to do.

And we also feel we have to know.

But since we can’t know the future, we feel stuck.

The thing is, we actually don’t have to know what’s going to work in advance.

We can just experiment and try stuff!

And then learn as we go.

So we don’t have to fear the unknown.

We can wonder what will happen.

How wonderful!

Instead of fear of failure, we become excited to experiment.

And we can get there by asking specific questions.

These questions start with “I wonder…”

The Wonder Full Algorithm

There are many questions that start with “I wonder…”.

Here are some possibilities to play with.

Try adding “if,” “where,” “when,” “how,” “what,” “who,” or “how much.”

I wonder if you’ll find yourself curious about how to use these?

I wonder how you can experience more openness to possibilities?

Possibility Mode

Then we can also add Modal Operators of Possibility, especially “might,” “may,” “can,” and “could.”

I wonder if you could find a way to do things 1000 times easier?

I wonder who might have already discovered how to enjoy doing something that you don’t know how to enjoy doing yet?

Adverbify It

We can also add adverbs like easily, naturally, enjoyably, etc.

I wonder how easily you can enjoy experiencing more and more curiosity now?

Applying to Your Goals

Pick a goal to start with.

Let’s say you want to exercise consistently.

Then play around with Wonder Full questions.

“I wonder if doing a simpler workout might make me more motivated to go to the gym?”

That’s something I’m experimenting with right now!

“I wonder how I could design an exercise program that I naturally want to do consistently?”

I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this question:

“I wonder how I might get paid to do something I would pay to do?”

With such wonder full questions, you don’t have to have an answer right away.

Just invite your incredibly awesome unconscious mind to contemplate it.

You might just get a powerful insight when on a walk, taking a shower, or washing the dishes.

I wonder how awesome your life can become if you start to ask more wonderful questions today?

Take care,