Last Updated on May 20, 2024

Winging it, enthusiastically

On May 1st, I had the idea to create a new class.

By the time it started 17 days later, I brought in $1,779 in revenue from it.

And the process of both creating it and delivering it has been great fun.

Kinda cool for something that was just a random idea I had on a Wednesday.

Enthusiastically Making Shit Up

Not all my ideas make me a few extra thousand dollars.

Usually I don’t even put them out into the world.

I get bogged down in “have to’s” and “can’t’s” like…

  • “I have to follow this complex marketing plan, otherwise it won’t work!”
  • “I can’t get people to buy stuff from me, so why even bother?”
  • “I have to have a bigger email list first.”

And so on.

This time, I was able to put all those things aside and just do it.

In fact, I didn’t really have much of a plan at all!

I was just winging it, making stuff up as I went along.

My mind would go, “Ooh, what if I tried this?” and I’d just do it immediately.

I had no idea if I’d get zero sales, one sale, or a hundred sales.

And I was totally OK with that!

Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall

All my most successful stuff actually has come from this kind of attitude.

Just going “gonzo” as my friend Joy puts it.

My most popular YouTube video with 52,000 views was just a random idea I had.

I thought, “I wonder what would happen if you do a hypnosis induction, and then just did deepener after deepener after deepener?”

“How deep does the rabbit hole go?”

I tried it for myself and really liked it.

So a few days later I recorded a free version for YouTube, with an upsell version people could buy.

It’s a rough recording, as I barely knew how to do any audio editing at the time.

I only did one take, and I didn’t even write a script for it, just an outline.

I stumble over my words in a couple places.

But people really liked it.

Just a couple weeks ago I got this comment on it:

I had one person tell me recently they’ve listened to it over 100 times.

That’s 100 times I’ve been able to help that person deeply relax, without even being in the room!

This one video is responsible for over half my YouTube subscribers!

All for some stupid idea that popped into my head that I actually decided to make into a thing other people could try.

I sold the upsell version with a sliding scale, where people could pay as little as $2.

And yet I’ve made over $1200 from this silly recording.

I was throwing spaghetti at the wall with no idea if it would stick.

And usually my ideas don’t!

But once in a while, something does.

My most popular TikTok video that got an insane 2.8 million views, was just some dumb idea I had too.

One day I was just thinking about being autistic and realized I was bullied for my autistic “toe walk” as a kid.

And that was one of the first things I learned to “mask” by changing how I walked.

It felt super vulnerable to even admit that to myself.

But I decided to make a video about it at the park, thinking “probably nobody will watch this.”

I wasn’t even looking at the camera at the start of the video, as you can see in the screencap.

I was sarcastic and even called middle schoolers “little shits.”


And now millions of people have seen that one minute video.

People in the comments were telling me it made them cry, or realize they are autistic, or asked me advice about their autistic kid who is being bullied right now in middle school.

All from some stupid idea I actually decided to throw out into the world instead of keeping it for myself.

Who knows what ideas you have that could benefit others, if you were simply courageous enough to share them?

Living an Experimental Life

What if just experimenting with random stuff was the most likely way to be successful?

And, what if that was also the the most fun way to live?

Maybe it doesn’t have to look a particular way.

Maybe there are far more possibilities for you than you could ever imagine.

Maybe “failure” isn’t so bad actually.

What if that dumb idea you have is actually gold?

What if just enthusiastically making shit up worked out for you?

It’s worth a shot. 😊

Take care,