Last Updated on January 15, 2024

The path of least resistance

In life we often choose the hard way to do things.

This isn’t necessarily a conscious choice.

We just don’t know — or don’t believe — there’s an easier way!

The Joyful Way

For creative neurodivergent people, often we believe our passion is a “side quest.”

That there’s something more important we “should” be doing.

As if joy wasn’t important!

We believe we ought to put our weird niche interests aside to do the real work.

What if doing things joyfully was the real work?

Designing Enjoyable Experiences

In User Experience design, the goal is to make things easier and more enjoyable to use.

That’s not just for hedonistic purposes.

A website or app that is easier or more enjoyable to use will get more people using it.

And as a result, the company will make more money!

Doing things the easy and enjoyable way is more effective than doing things the hard way.

What things really make you come alive?

If you’re not prioritizing doing those things, why not?

Life is short.

You won’t regret doing the things that bring you and others joy.

Take care,