Last Updated on November 23, 2023

It’s OK if you’re not feeling it today

In the United States, today is Thanksgiving.

That means turkey and gratitude and American football.

But it’s also OK if you’re not feeling grateful today.

Growing up, I always felt a lot of inner pressure to pretend to be happy on holidays.

But the truth is, I often felt anxious, sad, and angry.

The inner pressure to feel some other way just made it worse.

So now I give myself the gift of feeling however I am feeling.

It’s OK if today you feel sad or lonely or irritated.

It’s also OK if you feel loved, grateful, and joyful.

What if it was all OK?

And it’s also true that we can do things to shift our states.

We can do slow breathing or relaxation.

We can ask ourselves questions like “What am I happy about in my life?”

Or “What am I proud of?”

So it’s both that we don’t have to feel any particular way…

And that we can shift our states by deliberately using our power of choice to focus on something else.

We can even just be kind to ourselves, the parts of us that are hurting or wanting love and connection.

And we can offer the same gift of kindness to others.

Take care,