Last Updated on June 17, 2024

How to stop overthinking

Many intelligent and creative people procrastinate.

That includes me, as well as most of my clients.

Overthinking as Procrastination

Often we procrastinate by overthinking.

We feel afraid that it might not work out, so we try to plan everything out in advance.

We end up making elaborate plans for things that never happen.

And then we get overwhelmed by our plans and never start!

Begin with Bullshit

There’s a better way to go about things.

Instead of trying to figure it all out in advance, make a prototype.

A “minimum viable product,” or a rough draft.

Make something deliberately unfinished, just to test out whether you’re even on the right track or not.

Don’t spend too much time on it, a few hours at most.

Then show it to other people.

This will allow you to get real feedback.

Then you can make improvements that matter, rather than speculative improvements that might not matter.

The Experimental Mindset

To do so though requires getting in a very different mindset.

Instead of trying to make it perfect, you are perfecting it along the way.

You’re adopting an experimental attitude, testing your hypotheses as you go.

Failure is nothing to fear, it’s actually what you want!

Because so-called “failure” is really just learning in disguise.

This is the exact opposite of what most of us were taught in school.

The “right answers” were already known, they were in the back of the book.

In life, there usually aren’t “right answers” in the same way.

It’s more like a creative process, designing your life as you go.

So it’s OK if you make mistakes, because that means you’re learning.

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