Last Updated on March 25, 2024

Growth and self-doubt

This morning I woke up in a state of self-doubt.

My wife told me this was a sign of progress!

And she’s right.

The Obstacle is the Way

Last week I posted my book to be reviewed by beta readers.

It was a big step forward on that project.

I started to envision what it might be like to be a successful author.

And as a result, today objections arose.

This is a common experience.

As we make progress, we experience more self-doubt.

That’s not a sign that we’ve gone backwards.

It’s a sign we’re making progress.

You don’t encounter obstacles on your path unless you’re walking on the path.

Playing Big

As long as we’re playing small, we’re not even going to notice our fears and doubts.

So it’s OK if you are feeling insecure.

It’s OK if you’re feeling afraid.

The key is to meet these feelings with acceptance and love.

Then we can actually learn from the information they are bringing us.

Integrating those obstacles is the path itself.

That’s exactly how we make progress.

Take care,

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