Last Updated on December 19, 2023

A feel good year end review

It’s possible to grow year after year.

To become happier and more joyful.

To achieve more than we ever thought possible.

To do that, it’s helpful to both set intentions or goals for the year, and review how we did at the end of the year.

Reviewing Can Feel Good

I used to do this in a way that felt really bad.

I’d feel ashamed at “how little I achieved this year.”

But that actually wasn’t accurate!

I was just succumbing to “negativity bias.”

Our brains look for things that are potential threats, to keep us safe.

So it helps to deliberately review what went well.

Really spend some time to take in the good.

And then also transform failure into feedback.

Some Questions to Explore

If you’d like to do a feel-good year end review, here are some things you might ponder.

First relax and center yourself briefly.

Maybe put on some soft music and light a candle.

Then ask yourself, “What went well this year?”

Really feel into it, take in all the good things.

This could be things you accomplished, good things that happened to you, or good things in the wider world.

What challenges did you overcome this year?

What did you learn? What’s one lesson from this year?

Who did you support and who supported you?

Who’s life did you make even slightly better? Who made your life even slightly better?

Where there any challenges that you faced (or mistakes you made, things you failed at) which you have not yet overcome, or still don’t feel resolved?

For mistakes or failures, you can use AFLI:

  1. Acknowledge the truth, without shame or blame. What are the facts?
  2. Forgive yourself and others. Be kind or compassionate.
  3. Learn something new. What can you take away?
  4. Iterate and improve. What could you try differently next time?

Is there anything I can do less of next year that would make my life easier if I did less of it?

Take a moment to feel gratitude for being blessed with another year.

Life is not forever.

Every year is another precious opportunity to live our best lives.

Take care,

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