Last Updated on January 8, 2024

A better way to do things

Popular podcaster Andrew Huberman recently interviewed David Goggins.

And everybody is talking about it.

The theme of their chat is how doing unpleasant things changes your brain for the better.

I also love challenging myself, but I have a very different view.

Forcing Yourself to Do What You Hate

If you don’t know the name David Goggins, he an ultramarathoner and motivational guru.

His main message is that you need to stop being such a f***king baby and force yourself to do things you hate.

(He likes to curse a lot.)

That is certainly one way to do things.

I learned to do that as early as kindergarten.

I hated almost everything about school.

I forced myself to do things I hated in my Gifted and Talented Education program in 2nd grade.

I hated it because there was extra homework!

I forced myself to do many things I hated in middle school and high school and college, to get good grades so I could succeed later in life.

I also forced myself to things I hated in my first few jobs after college, which I absolutely could not stand.

When I decided to grow my muscles in my 20s — because I hated my body — I forced myself to eat so much I felt disgusted.

Then I finally burned out hard in my 20s with serious chronic fatigue.

I decided I needed to do things differently.

Forcing myself to do things wasn’t working for me.

Asking a Better Question

Many people resonate with David Goggins because they are asking themselves this question:

“How do I get myself to do things I hate?”

Goggins provides a simple solution:

Stop being lazy and just push harder.

Just keep doing more of what isn’t working.

I think we can ask ourselves a much better question:

“How do I make the process easy and enjoyable?”

Most people assume that things have to be hard.

So many professional writers hate writing that there are popular memes about it.

I find writing to be so enjoyable it’s ecstatic!

I wrote over 175,000 words in 2023 for fun.

Yesterday, January 7th, I did my taxes, 3 months early.

It was a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

I’ve even recently discovered how to enjoy strength training.

Last week I did 21 sets of pushups and 21 sets of squats, and lots of other exercise too.

And it was a great time!

I didn’t always enjoy writing, taxes, or strength training.

In fact, at one point I hated all these things and more.

But I was able to change my relationship to them by asking a better question.

“How do I make the process easy and enjoyable?”

Things don’t have to suck.

It’s the way we do them that makes them sucky.

Take care,

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