Jump-start your productivity.

Sometimes your car won’t start. Having a friend come over to jump-start your car is all you need to get going.

Sometimes you can’t get started. You’ve got a big, important project you’ve been putting off. Maybe a graduate thesis, or a business idea, or a book you want to write.

How much would it change things to have a super productive day, where you get in 4+ hours of highly focused work on this? The next day you’d be rolling on this project.

Jump Start is coaching meets co-working. Book 5 hours, and by the end of the day you’ll be on the road, with all the momentum you need.

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You schedule 5 hours to get in some serious progress. At the start time, a highly experienced coach helps you get crystal clear on your first steps, or resolve any resistance to getting started.

As you begin working, you share your screen so there is no temptation to pop over to your favorite distracting website. Your coach keeps time as you focus for just a few minutes on that first task, checking in briefly after 10-15 minutes, so you never get too far off track.

You work in highly focused, short sprints. No social media, no checking email, no texting, just single-tasking on your most important project.

Any time you are stuck, frustrated, or don’t know what to do, you check in with your coach and get just the support you need. After the sprint is up, your coach asks you pointed questions to learn from that work sprint, so the next one goes even better.

After each sprint, you take a break away from the screen for 5-10 minutes, or get guided into a brief, relaxing hypnosis experience. You are coached into finding your perfect work-rest rhythm.

After 3-4 sprints, your coach encourages you to take a longer break, so you can fully rest and recover. Then you repeat the whole thing for the second half of the day. By the end, you’ve put in a good solid 4 focused hours on your most important project.

Finally, you debrief with your coach to see what you learned. Congratulations! You just had a super productive day, perhaps the most productive you’ve been in years.

Now you’re off and rolling on this project and can continue the next day on your own or with other tools your coach can suggest.

A Coaching Experiment

This is an experiment. For now it only costs $100. If it works out, in the future I’ll charge more for it.

Due to the intense 5-hour time commitment, I can only commit to doing one of these a week.

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Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash.